Donnez de la chance aux talents cachés !

De : Thomas Benzazon
Depuis l’Université d’été du MEDEF 2012 :

Alain Loulouga, fondateur du fond de dotation « donne moi ma chance« , évoque l’ambition de sa fondation.

De la musique à l’entrepreneuriat en passant par le sport, les talents sont à l’honneur !

Découvrez cette belle fondation qui oeuvre au développement et à l’émergence des talents.


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  2. Mildred

    15 mai 2017 12 h 50 min

    mytduogfAre you making a movie soon? I enjoy your videos a lot. Great work. If you see me driving around LA wearing my spaceman costume driving your Add car, selling my movies, know I’m keeping busy, until I get the chance to audition for you and others. If you would like to see my work google my name DENNIS WOODRUFF. Telephone number for auditions 323 848 7164, and 323 309 1282. I’m ready to work when the phone rings!


    31 mai 2017 19 h 59 min

    It was sooo fun and it looks FABULOUS!! You worked more magic after I left! Now I want to come work in your organized little office instead of at my computer, which is conveniently located in the breakfast room! :)And I LOVE the name you gave me! Maybe the -S- should be leopard-striped!

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