Le 12 septembre 2019 | Paris

B2B Rocks

Sophie Le Bars Par Sophie Le Bars
    • Dates

      Le 12 septembre 2019

    • Adresse

      Station F

    The leading conference in Europe for B2B ans SaaS startups.


    Learn from world-class experts

    Co-founders, VPs, experts, VCs, Journalists: we are gathering the most inspiring SaaS builders & lovers around specific topics to give actionable insights and brilliant talks.

    Pickup on latest insights and techniques

    The conference will be divided into 20min-slots of fast, sharp, and deep knowledge. No bullshit tolerated: B2B Rocks is all about getting the best learnings right into its audience.

    Meet doers shaping the B2B ecosystem

    Round-tables, open discussions, and networking activities will cadence the event and give rising startups, fast-growing startups, VCs, and journalists the opportunity to meet and talk.

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