Today, for “Straight from the US” (the first program in English by Widoobiz), Aurelien Cottet, founder of The American Clubs, hosts Xavier Duportet. Mr. Duportet is a young and talented entrepreneur and the CEO of PhageX, a biotech company.

After completing a PhD degree in Synthetic Biology and Genome Engineering from INRIA in France and MIT in the USA, Mr Duportet launched PhageX, a biotech company located in France. In the meantime, he found the time to be the co-founder and President of two associations related to entrepreneurship and economics: “Hello Tomorrow Challenge” and “Osons la France.”

He will discuss with us today the differences between the French and American educational systems at the PhD level. He will also share with us why he decided to start his company in France when many would have stayed in the US.

Listen and discover his experience as a young French entrepreneur in a very promising biotech company. His position as a co-founder of two important associations reinforces the belief that France remains an important place for entrepreneurs.«